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The earliest record of beer production in Košice dates back to 1487. In medieval times, Košice was protecting local beer producers by forbidding import of beer from other places until local reserves were sold out.


Productivity and quality of the beer started improving again when the two brewers, Bayer and Baurnébl, took over the bankrupting Brewery and merged it with the Baurnébl & Son Company.


The first proposal of the investment plan “Brewery” was created and served as the basis for implementation of the project. The planning application for the „Rezidencia CASSOVAR“ - the first phase of the Cassovar Komplex - was submitted to the local authorities in October.


In March 2008, the demolition works were completed and the construction of Cassovia Business Center I. (CBC I.) started in April 2008.


Cassovar Business Centre I. was awarded the Building of the Year 2010 and the award was accepted during a Gala Ceremony.


Transport connections to the Cassovar Komplex were completed. After completing the last construction phase, the Cassovar Komplex was officially opened in a public ceremony on 18 October 2012.


A new lease contract with major strategic tenant

T-Systems was signed.


A new era of brewing beer is associated with two entrepreneurs: Jozef Bayer and Jozef Lepesch. For the first time in the history of brewing in Košice, Bayer acquired the brewing license by payment in kind.


The Brewery on Florianska Street became a thing of the past. Besides the beer brands Cassovar and Eisenbier, the Brewery produced own cola drink called Kofola (the brand was not registered yet) and this drink became very popular in Košice and all over the East of Slovakia.


Construction of the Cassovar Komplex began in April by laying the foundation stone. The event was joined with the celebration of 150th anniversary of the foundation of Brewery in Košice.


The application for completion certificate of the Office part of the CBC I. was submitted in November 2009 and the occupation permit was issued in December 2009.


Residencia Cassovar was awarded the Residential Building of the Year 2011.


Reconstruction of surrounding roads and the near-by city park were completed. Cassovar Komplex was amongst the finalists for CE.ZA.AR - the prestigious architecture award in Slovakia.


Gradual process of starting services into operation

in rental units.

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Located at the geometric centre of the city of Košice.

Cassovar Komplex is one of the largest and most significant developments in Košice and the entire region of Eastern Slovakia.



Cassovar Business Center a.s

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